About the Company

We start with Carbon Nanotube structures such as sheets and yarns, then chemically and mechanically treat for specific properties.

Craytex, LLC was founded in March 2015 by Larry Carlson and Robert Hicks to optimize and commercialize the unique carbon nanotube structures we developed at UCLA under government funding.

What We Offer

Nanotubes are consolidated and aligned, to give much higher strength and modulus.  The upper picture shows the sheet as received.  

The lower picture shows the sheet after processing.  Note the alignment and densification 


  • High toughness panels

  • High strength panels
  • Combination strength/ toughness panels 
  • Carbon nanotube core material for sandwich panels
  • Carbon nanotube ropes and tethers (future)
  • Carbon nanotubes - based conductive signal wires (future)

Craytex, LLC